Debunked Evidence
On this page we will present photos we have taken on our
investigations that appear to be paranormal in nature, but we have
debunked.  We will also show some common images people catch
that appear paranormal, but are nothing more than common
occurrences or misinterpretations.
Click on the pictures to open a larger view in a new window.
These two photos were taken in order on 12/15/07
around 10:30pm. They each appear to have a 3D
ghostly box floating in front of the tombstone. No
other pictures we took that night had any similar
occurrences. This is not a ghostly box. What
captured the tombstone, the camera moved slightly
and then the rest of the picture was taken.
These pictures appear to be a mist. The gray lines are a screen shot behind the
Here is the cause. As you can see these "paranormal photos" were simply created
by smoke. Smoke is not always the problem on an investigation, as the
photographers breath on a cold night will inadvertently produce a similar effect.
Always be sure not to smoke when on an investigation and hold your breath if it is
cold to avoid false images.
These photos appear to be paranormal lights.
These pictures are nothing more than hair that got in front of the lens and flash.  
Often hair and camera straps get in front of the lens. The camera will highlight the
image with the flash, but it will be unable to clearly focus. This causes "ghostly"
These photos initially appear to be a shadow moving around the room. This is a small
army man caught right in front of the lens. Once again the camera is unable to focus
on both the close image as well as the distance. This creates a shadow image much
larger than it actually is. When taking and reviewing photos it is critical to ensure
nothing is in front of the lens to throw off the photo.
These videos show footage of false orbs. The first is a bug, the others are dust.
This appears to be a roof in
the distance. This was taken
at Bachelor's Grove
cemetery where people
allege a house appears and
disappears. We looked
closely at the picture and
went back to re-create the
image. It turns out to be a
tree in the distance.
These pictures show a moving light by John. Many think this is paranormal because
everything else is in focus. This happened because the camera used a slow shutter
speed and we moved the camera back and forth while it snapped. The camera will stretch
lights but keep other things in focus.
difficult to fully debunk what was caught.