Electronic Voice
Electrical popping and laughter in
On our EVP page we present ghost EVPs, whisper EVPs, and other EVPs from our
paranormal investigations. We never reveal the personal information of any client we
gathered evidence from. We share the evidence to help people understand the
paranormal world around them. EVPs are typically taken on a voice recorder but can also
be caught on videos. We ask questions to entice the entity to provide specific answers if
they are present and able. Electronic voice phenomena can be helpful in determining who
is there. When asking questions we ensure we are general and do not give information of
the family or our findings on the history of the area. If there is an evil presence it will use
the information you give it to mislead you to thinking they are someone you know and love
rather than something evil. Click the play button on the pictures to open the player.
Here we have another sound from the same location from 12/22/07. This is a
whisper response to a question. We will not tell you here what we make it out
to be as the power of suggestion is strong with EVPs. Listen a few times to
see what you conclude it to be.
Click here for our interpretation.
This video of a young girl was taken at the same cemetery as the one right
below. We returned for a third visit and once again had alot of activity. We
picked up multiple orbs, again heard footsteps and voices. We have slowed
the clip to half speed and quarter speed so you can clearly hear what she
said. We collected this on 4/11/08.  
This EVP was caught in the basement of a residence. We never reveal the
identity or those involved of the locations we investigate. We gathered this
evidence over 1 year ago and have kept in contact with the client. She has
always insisted we post this even though her name is mentioned. We will post
the EVP, but not the location.  
This EVP was captured at a private residence we investigated. One of the
claims of the client was there were voices, almost like conversations in the
basement. We caught a few clear EVPs for the client. This appears to be
multiple words. Click
here for the EVP.
These EVPs were captured on our Ghost Hunt Tour on 5-30-09 in Streator
This EVP was caught at the Stags Head Pub in Willow Springs Illinois.
These EVPs were captured on our Ghost Hunt Tour in Worth.
These EVPs were captured during an investigation on 10/13/10. The spirit
said something to the team we had never experienced before.
These EVPs were captured during our Ghost Hunt Tour on 2/19/11
These EVPs were captured during our Ghost Hunt Tour in Streator, Il