Request a Paranormal
If you are experiencing paranormal phenomena, don't hesitate to
contact us. We will conduct an in depth investigation at no charge
and present all evidence we have captured and determined to be
paranormal in nature, or let you know any natural causes we have
found to debunk the activity. We insure the privacy of all of our
clients.  We will not release the names, address, phone number,
e-mail or images of our clients.

To request an investigation complete the form below. You can call
John at 708-380-7495 or Kevin at 630-674-1605 with any questions.   
You can also reach us on our
Contact Us Page.
P.A.S.T. Investigation Request

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How you hear of the Paranormal Anomaly Search Team:
Description of any paranormal activity
Number of occupants at location:
How long have occupants lived at this location?
Names, gender, and age of occupants:
History of location
(date built, previous occupants, battles or other confrontations near location, other paranormal phenomenon, etc.)
Have any of the occupants encountered any of the following (mark all that apply)
 Smokey forms 
 Strong random thoughts 
 Hot or cold spots 
 Recent death of a loved one 
 Recent anniversary of loved ones death, birthday, anniversary, etc 
 Conversations with spirit  
 Door (s) opening/closing Moving/disappearing objects 
 Electrical disturbances (frequent light burnouts etc.) 
 Puberty of family member or emotional stress of adolescents in area 
 Renovations of location 
 Problems with appliances  
Are there any accounts of paranormal phenomena occurring at occupants previous residence?
If there was paranormal phenomena occurring at occupants previous residence what is the address?
Do you have any questions for us?
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