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This page highlights articles or interviews involving our team in print,
Internet, and television as well as special events. All links will open in
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10.31.08 Television interview CBS 2 Chicago news. Kevin is interviewed on Halloween.  
October 2008. Univision contacted us to use some of our evidence from some popular
Chicago haunted locations for their Halloween Special. We shared some photos from
Bachelor's Grove for the article. The article is in Spanish. Click the numbers to see the
pictures and locations. Click
11.3.09 John and Kevin are interviewed on the Dr and Mrs Who blog talk radio show. The
show is hosted by Jim and Jennifer Iaccino. You can listen at
Dr and Mrs Who 1.  
3.2.10 John and Kevin are back on the Dr and Mrs Who show to talk about our visit to
Streator Illinois. We took Jim and Jennifer Iaccino to some of our favorite haunts in Streator
Illinois to show them where we got some of our footage. We also took them to a house we
had access to so we could investigate. John had experienced amazing paranormal activity in
at an earlier date  at this location and we wanted to collect more evidence. At one point in a
small cemetery, we all heard a voice say "Hello". We caught that on tape and talk about it
during the interview.
You can listen at Dr and Mrs Who 2.
2.27.10 Our team was invited to Mendota Illinois to research paranormal activity near the
disappearance of a woman in 1990. The article was picked up by the Mendota News Tribune.
The site does not host the article anymore but it can be viewed in full
here. It is also
Tricks & Treats Nights
WEDNESDAY 24th & THURSDAY 25th 2012

Wednesday Oct 24th is all about the treats.  Bring your little ones out for this Halloween
themed Little Chefs dinner.  Your chef will be helping to prepare their choice of a Taco
or Pizza cheese fondue, as well as their choice of a chocolate fondue for $15.00 per
child (age 12 and under). The more adventurous chefs can take a stab at entree
cooking with our kid themed entree plate for an additional $10 per child (age 12 &
under). **Reservations and adult supervision is required. Standard pricing applies for

Thursday Oct 25th we roll out the tricks for older Halloween fans.  Between courses the
Paranormal Anomaly Search Team from P.A.S.T. Investigations will be on hand to
demonstrate and explain their investigating equipment as well as share true stories
and evidence of hauntings in our area.
Out Team hosted a Ghost Hunt Tour in Worth Il  and had many findings. A local paper wrote
about the event. The paper is the Reporter. You can view the article
Click to link to view the