Ghost cat
Floating figure
in black
Ghost face by
A closer view
shows 502 on the
bottom left. The
light is very bright.
Figure next to
Face in the
behind bush
Ghost apparition right of
sign. This is the original
(The light right of
the figure is the view
finder from a cam corder)
Multiple images orb change
2-note how the orb on the
left in photo 1 has changed
to a figure
Figure coming up
from behind the
Face in the
This ghostly light was
shot outside room 502
at Waverly Hills.
Reportedly a nurse
hung herself outside
this room.
Orb and mist sitting
on EMF
Orb at cemetery
Bright orb, this
is not the moon
Multiple images
Multiple images
orb change 1
Cloaked figure
behind tree with
Red orb
2 orbs outside
Bright orb inside
Orb outside
On our Paranormal Photo page we will post pictures from our paranormal investigations. We never reveal the
personal information of any client we gathered evidence from. We share the evidence to help people
understand the paranormal world around them. We will show ghostly figures, apparitions, orbs, mist and other
paranormal activity. Click on pictures to enlarge in a new window and close window to return to photo page.  
The next shot we took has the
image gone. There is nothing
on the cord at the ceiling that
would have reflected any light
source.  Note the cord, it is
Brown cloaked
figure outside
Apparition between tombstone
and dark trees at the end of the
path from Bachelor's Grove. Is
this the famous woman of
Bachelor's Grove?
Orbs are very controversial. An investigator must use all
evidence to come to a conclusion, not just 1 piece.
Solely stating these 2 photos are evidence of paranormal
activity is dangerous. These 2 photos are taken at the
spot we got the young girl EVP shown on our EVP page.
Please listen to those 3 clips also to fully understand the
activity we experienced.  
This is a close up of the
ghost and sign. Notice
the face on the left top of
the sign. The green at
the top is a tree branch.
This is a close up of the
ghost. Is it saying shh or
waving it's finger back
and forth for no?
Mist figure
Double orb. You
can see more
footage of this
area on our
video page.
Multiple orbs
This photo was taken
at Bachelor's Grove.
It has multiple items
we will breakdown in
the next 4 pics.
This shows a face
to the left and a
misty figure to the
right behind the tree.
This close-up of
the face actually
shows black
hair parted over
to the right.
This shows pillars left of the tree. Legend has
it there is a ghost house at Bachelor's Grove
that appears and disappears. We went back
to debunk the shot and thought we could.
Looking back at the picture closer, we may
have caught the alleged pillars from the
house. What do you think?
This is a close-up of the pillars.
At first we thought it was the
fence posts, but you can see
one tho the right. It is not a tree,
because they are behind the
fence and you can/t see the
Apparition of a boy
caught at
Bachelor's Grove
Paranormal Photos