Paranormal Investigation
in Mendota Illinois
The Paranormal Anomaly Search Team was asked to
come to Mendota Illinois to help in the Search for
Veronica Jill Blumhorst. Veronica came home from
work on September 20, 1990. Her car was found in
the garage, but she has never been seen again.
There are reports of paranormal activity in the areas
near her work and home. On February 27, 2010 the
team of John, Kevin and Susanne came to attempt to
communicate with Veronica or any entity that may be
able to provide information to help locate Veronica.
John from the team is not psychic, but he has the
ability to see impressions that aide in our
investigations. We also use equipment to collect
voices, images, or other evidence to explain any found
activity. These are our findings. On 9/19/10 they had a
Memorial for Veronica. We returned on that day to
investigate again. The evidence from this visit is
We started in a specific wooded area. John began to
feel sad in this area. We began to ask questions and
for some response if there was an entity there. John
was able to get knocks on the tree he was standing
by. We attempted to recreate the knocks as a natural
event but were unable.  
The moaning sound you hear
in the background are cows.
While asking questions John got the phrase of "Not
here" and "Not pretty". He felt a strong feeling of a
creek by some scattered trees and an open field. We
went to a few other locations trying to find that spot.
We had information Veronica's I.D. and some personal
belongings were found in a plastic bag in the river at a
location in town after her disappearance. We went to
investigate there. This area was similar to what John
saw, but it did not have the field. We caught a sound
that may be a gun, It could also be a door as we are in
a residential area. What is odd is we heard that sound
We later found an area that matched what John
had seen. We got clarification this is the area
where the I.D. and other items were found. We
were unable to get any feelings or leads at this
location. We went back to the woods, as we had
the strongest evidence there out of the many
locations we visited. Kevin asked why we were
led to that location and we got some interesting
results. You will hear what sounds like a gun
again, just like before. There was a house about
100 yards away, but this did not sound like a door,
it matched the sound from the other location, and
we did not hear at the time. When we are
investigating and we hear an odd noise, we
always mark the tape stating what we heard. We
did not mark the tape because we did not hear it
while we were at the location. There is also a
voice response which is unclear and we could not
clean up. There is then a second voice at the end
which is very clear.  
We went to the garage where Veronica's car was
found. John picked up the feeling Veronica got out
of her car, walked to the alley and got into another
vehicle, all of free will. Once she got to the car,
John lost the impression of her. This is a picture
of the garage.
The last stop on investigation was Sullivan's
Foods. People claim accounts of paranormal
activity at this location. The building and parking
lot were put in right after Veronica's
disappearance. The location is also across the
street from the Super Valu that she work at and
left at midnight that evening. John kept sensing a
feeling in the corner of the parking lot, although it
was nothing clear. Susanne was asking questions
inside to verify if anyone was there, and trying to
get information to determine who it may be. She
caught this on a digital recorder.
What is interesting about this clip is the sound we
heard again, It is heard after we ask what to look
for, and then it states "it's in the water". Were we
being told the gun or something linked to it is in
the water?  We believe there is strong evidence at
the location we went to after John saw the image.
Update 9/29/13. Todd Blumhorst, Veronica's
brother and leader in the fight to not  give up the
search passed away. Todd was recently
diagnosed with cancer. Although he was a fighter
for victims everywhere, Todd was unable to fight
the cancer. As it currently stands Todd was unable
with the help of many others to find Veronica. At
this point he is finally reunited with her.