Missing person cold case.
We were contacted to come to a town to gather
paranormal evidence. On September 20, 1990 a woman
left her job at midnight and her car was found in her
garage a few blocks away. She has not been seen since.
There are locations in the area where she disappeared
that have reports of paranormal activity. We went to see
if we could collect the evidence and if it had any ties to
the case. We were able to collect evidence for the family.
When we perform an investigation, we do not reveal any
details about the client or any specific details. All we ask
is for permission to post captured paranormal activity.
We provided all the evidence for the client to view. The
family in this case is different. They want to their story
revealed because they are looking for help. The case was
never solved and they are looking for any help they can
get. We agreed to post their story in the hopes people
may have ideas to get assistance to reopen the case and
get answers. Please click the picture for the details.