Paranormal Videos
Fast light coming around Kevin.
Fast shadow figure.
Series of interactive knocks.
Orb coming at John after he
asks if it is Grandma.
Breath blowing caught twice
and something playing with the
door lock
On our video page we present actual ghost videos, orb videos, ghost whispers and other paranormal activity
caught on our investigations. We never reveal the personal information of any client we gathered evidence
from. We share the evidence to help people understand the paranormal world around them. The player will
open in a new window.  
Whisper response to a
Flashing light anomaly.
Shadow figure slowed down.
White shape moving in front of
Fast shadow moving in front of
the camera.
Fast light making an interesting
EVP and experiences captured
at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium
in Louisville Kentucky.
EVPs and other evidence
caught during an investigation.
These were from the basement
of a building that was once
early 1900's.
These EVPs and video
evidence are from an
investigation at a private
residence in Illinois on 9/12/09.
We were asked to help on a
missing person case in a town
with paranormal activity near
the disappearance. Click the
picture for details, This the 1st
investigation here.
This evidence is from a private
residence in Wisconsin. John
was a big asset in helping
explain what was going on and
This is from a club in Illinois.
We caught some interesting
things while there.
This evidence is from our
Ghost Hunt Tour in Worth.
We revisited the location
looking for the missing person.
This is from our 2nd
investigation at the location.  
This footage is from our Ghost
Hunt Tour on 2/19/11.
We did broadcast a live
investigation from our founder,
John's house. He claims 3
active spirits.
This evidence is from the
Lemp Mansion in St Louis Mo.
We caught shadows, figures,
voices, and the spirit of a
ghost dog.
This evidence is from our
Ghost Hunt Tour in Streator
Illinois October 2011.
This is all video footage.
Check our EVP page for
additional findings.
The is from th Scutt Mansion
in Joliet IL.
This evidence is from a private
residence. We got interesting
finding with the Ghost Box and
catching responses on
multiple units at the same time.
Private residence November
Bachelors Grove Cemetery
and another woman photo
that was taken.In one image
she appears to be holding a
This evidence is from Waverly
Hills Sanatorium in Louisville
Kentucky from an all night
investigation with only John,
Kevin and Sue in the building.
Private residence in Illinois
with crazy footage caught on
security cams 9/10/16
Drone flying at Bachelor's
Grove Cemetery Midlothian