Paranormal Ghost Cams
This  live ghost cam is set up nightly late night or early morning and sometimes during the day. You can
view footage just like we do on an investigation. If you see something, send it to us and we will post on this
page, just scroll down to see.  The Cam has it's own chat box to the right of the view screens.
You can view cam footage from our live investigations  here and here.
Here is what one
blog after viewing the
" I like to watch silly
random webcams.
This one was pretty
interesting. It was a
'ghost cam' setup in a
family's basement.
According to the
family this basement
is haunted. Legend
has it that a shadow
appears in the corner
and moves about
aggressively. The
family say's their
pets sit and stair in
the corner where
they believe the
ghost appears. I was
watching the live
feed and within a
couple of minutes
their cat walked into
the basement. And
the first thing it does
is head for the corner
behind the couch.
And Mr. logical me
says ohhhh this is
rich. They have hid
the cat's food in the
corner. They have
made a great cause
and effect webcam.
The cat runs to
corner which causes
the viewer's mind to
play tricks on itself.
Well at least I had
thought.... because
as the cat walks out
of the room he
freezes right at the
door. And then he
slowly turns his head
back as if he's
looking at something
in the room and then
takes off quick. I was
like 'Click!' lol. I can't
explain that s*** It
kinda freaked me
This live footage is of a basement where an elusive shadow has been seen. It is
shy and often hides in the corners. There are animals in the house that often stare
at this area of the house for no reason, as if they are watching someone.
Here is what one viewer told us after viewing the cam. "I'm
seeing a shadow through the door on the right and a black
dot keeps appearing on the wall through the door"
Here is another comment from one of our viewers. . "Just
want to let you know I love watching the cam. We've seen
what we think are orbs and some shadow figures."
Here is another comment from one of our viewers. . "This is
one of the best  ghost videos I like watching all hours of the
Current time for cam location
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The photos and videos below have been submitted by
viewers of the Ghost Cams
These were submitted by Sarah on 8/9/12
This footage was sent in by a viewer watching cam 2. There are no animals
in this house so what caused that?
If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity, and need help contact us immediately at our "Request an Investigation" page.............
Update 8/16/18. We have been down for 2 weeks due to IBM
taking over Ustream and now no longer offering a free option.
We are now looking for other free options. We did have a chat
but it never showed when our end when we were broadcasting.
We are looking for a new venue to allow your comments to be
left and us to be able to respond. Thank you all who have been
watching and sharing comments. Keep checking back and we
hope to be up soon.