Meet Our Team
John Woratschek-Founder/Lead Investigator

I'm John, founder of PAST (Paranormal Anomaly Search
Team). I've had the ability to see things since the age of
5. When I was ready to increase my ability, I learned from
a powerful spiritual person from Ghana. My ability grew
wonderfully. My love for the paranormal grew as well. In
March 2006 I started PAST. PAST is a lot of fun and  we
have had great success capturing videos, pictures, and
EVPs of paranormal and the unexplainable.

I enjoy the opportunity to help our clients. Many times
they have questions about things going on at a location
and sometimes are afraid. Being able to investigate and
provide help and often put them at ease  gives me great

So come on in and say hello.
Kevin Ford-Tech Manager/Webmaster  

When John and I started talking about his passion
for the paranormal, I was immediately drawn to want
to help with his investigations. Working with John
adds a dynamic team due to the different abilities we
bring to the investigations. I am the debunker. I have
the ability to see things we capture in a different
light, aiding in the explanation process. We look to
be genuine in what we present, and giving
thoroughly examined evidence helps us insure that
even if we are disappointed when we debunk
exciting footage, we are honest.

On the team I am always trying new equipment to
help us gather evidence.

Let us come investigate for you!
Susanne Ford-Investigator

I have always had an interest in the paranormal. When
I was young I had 2 personal paranormal experiences.
When I was in high school I did a lot of reading in the
field and had a dream to become a parapsychologist.
Now as a member of PAST I am able to work to bring
truth to the paranormal field. I am always gathering
information by others in the field to expand my
knowledge and ability to help the team.

On the team I specialize in EVPs. My investigative style
allows me to create an environment where spirits feel
they can communicate openly. This openness has
allowed me to catch some very intriguing evidence.