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I would like to thank Sue for the support, DVDs, involvement, and the "money shot',
Andrew, my Junior Investigator, Rudy and Carol for the food and hospitality during our
visits, Mimi for the opportunity for a couple of great investigations, and John for making
me a partner in P.A.S.T. It is a pleasure working with him in this great quest, and for
giving me the opportunity to pursue this. We would not be who we are without him.  
I would like to thank Tim McHugh, my Junior Investigator, and also thank him for the
picture of the black figure floating. I also want to thank Barb for her understanding of my
love for this venture and for her support.  Mostly I would like to thank Kevin for joining
my team. He is the reason we are as successful as we are. He is not only a great
investigator, he is also a great tech manager and debunker, which keeps everything we
do real and true.   John
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