Join Us On A Ghost
Have you ever wanted to join an actual team and participate in a
paranormal investigation of a haunted location?  We will provide
equipment such as EMF readers, laser thermometers, digital recorders
and other equipment to help capture evidence. We will offer training for all
the equipment and will restrict the investigation to small groups to ensure
the perfect environment to help collect evidence. For up to date schedules
and discounts on an outing please join our
mailing list.   We hope to see
you on a paranormal investigation with our team soon!
3/28/09 Private Residence Streator, Illinois .

Join the Paranormal Anomaly Search Team on a paranormal
investigation in Streator Illinois. We have gained access to a
stories of a body buried in the basement of the house courtesy of
the mob. The previous owner reported a young girl that would
come down from the top floor. Help us in either verifying the
claims, or debunking the rumors. We will meet at 8pm and tour
the areas local haunts arriving at the residence at 9pm. We will
then have full access of the residence until 1am.
***Sold out***
Click here for evidence from the event.  
5/30/09 Private Residence
Streator, Illinois.

Return with us to the private
residence in Streator, Illinois.
On our last tour here the guests
appear to have interacted with
the spirit of a young girl
believed to occupy the
 Click Here for
6/26/10 Worth Historical Museum and Park District

Join us at the Worth Historical Museum and Park District in Worth Illinois
at 11500 Beloit Ave for an investigation. This building has reports of
typewriters being heard with no one around, doors closing, and many
spirits. The building used to be a grade school and one of the custodians
committed suicide on the premises. John picked up the strong sense of
spirits at one area of the building. Join us starting at 9:30pm for a tour of
the location and we will have access to the building to investigate until
2am. As always we will provide digital voice recorders, EMF detectors,
motion sensors, infrared thermometers, dousing rods and other equipment
for you to use. We do ask for you to bring your own still or video cameras
to use. All payment is received by the park district. To sign up download
the park brochure
here. The tour is listed on page 15 and you need to
complete and send in the form on page 17. You can gain more information
have any questions feel free to contact us via our contact us page.
**Sold out 5/10/10**
Click here for evidence from the event.

2/19/11 Return with us to the Worth Historical Museum and Park District  
at 11500 Beloit Ave Worth Illinois.

We return to the location of our last tour to collect more evidence. The last
time we were here our guests caught these photos.

The location has the claim of typewriters going off on their own. During
our first tour we caught that sound. Click the play button to hear it.
The guests reported seeing shadows at the location. Help us document
more evidence to determine who is there. Is is the custodian who
committed suicide there or something else? The event will run from
9:30pm until 2:00 am. We provide EMF and temperature detectors, digital
recorders motion sensors, and other paranormal equipment. We ask the
guests bring their own still or video cameras.  Click
here for an article
printed about our first tour at this location. If you have any questions
please contact us.
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For the evidence from the event click here for video and here for
EVP. View more evidence of the event from our friends at IPRG.
October 2011

in this house he saw a ball of light, a figure and heard singing. The house
was rarely used for many years. We had the opportunity to return as a
team. We were able to get some more activity on our second visit. Now
someone is in the residence full time and the activity has increased! There
are many voices and the sound of a party in the basement. The previous
owner led a group that performed Big Band Music and he died in the
residence. Often after a show many people would come to the house and
party into the night.  Much of the activity is believed to be drawn from this
energy. Join us at 9:30 and we will investigate until 2am. As always we
will provide some of the latest paranormal equipment for use at the
location. There are 2 events, one is Friday 10/21/11 the other is Saturday
10/22/11. The cost is $40.00 per person, The tours are limited to 4 guests
each. To sign up email us with the your names  and which night you
select and we will send an the an invoice and details. Guests must be 18
or older
(Tours sold out 9/6)
View the findings on our Video and EVP pages.